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Brueghel, Jan t.e. - The Triumph of Death-detail#2 by ros_with_a_prince on Flickr.
Brueghel, Jan t.e. - The Triumph of Death-detail#2

The Black Death comes; art by Theodor Kittelsen
The plague (which arrived in Norway in September of 1349)  was often personified as an old, wandering hag with a broom and a rake.  She would wander the countryside and pass through villages; if she swept the place with her broom, it meant everyone there would die, but if she only used her rake, it meant that some of the people there would live.  

Denis Forkas Kostromitin - Death of Simon Magus. 2014

Jules De Bruycker (1870-1945) - Le placement du dragon sur le Beffroi de Gand.

Nikolai Alexandrovich Yaroshenko - The Prisoner (1878)

Valentin Serov - In winter